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So what is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is the process of grinding stumps or the remains of a tree trunk until it is gone. It does not necessarily include taking off the roots attached to it. This consists of using up-to-date grinders with rotating blades that cut the stump shorter until the ground.

So why should you get rid of stumps?

stump_grinding_perthStumps are a common problem that may lead to potential accidents or compromise your backyard’s aesthetic value. Stumps are not noticeable, and it can be dangerous to your children running and playing in your yard.

Lastly, tree stumps can damage your mower if you accidentally hit one when you're mowing your lawn. If you’re dealing with annoying stumps in your Perth property, allow our team to help you. We invest in high quality and latest machinery to provide excellent service that guarantees customer’s satisfaction.

Does a tree stump need to be removed?

Ignoring a tree stump in your backyard is a big risk and might cause more significant problems. It could be a threat to your family, especially your kids and put their safety in jeopardy. Decaying tree stumps also attract pests that will soon lead to another problem. So yes, if you are dealing with stumps, we suggest removing them as early as possible.

How long does it take to remove a tree stump?

For a regular stump, it can take up to 2 hours. The factors you have to consider are the size of the stumps and the location. If the stump is located in an accessible area, removal can be relatively faster.

What are the benefits of stump grinding?

Stump grinding offers so many benefits like:

#1. Safer and more secure backyard.
#2. Pests free environment.
#3. Clearer and cleaner view of your property.
#4. Ample amount of space for any renovations you’re planning to do.
#5. Maximise the area of your property.
#6. Increase your property value.

Why should I hire a professional stump grinder?

#1. Cost-effective, hassle-free and fast
#2. Saves you time and money
#3. Peace of mind as you're dealing with a trained, licensed and insured team
#4. High-quality service that you can rely on
#5. Experts can get the job done right without injuries
#6. Great value for money
#7. Ultimate care of your property is a priority.
#8. Modern machinery and equipment are used.

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Can I grind a tree stump on my own?

While you may grind a tree stump by yourself through renting a stump grinder, we recommend hiring a professional team for it. Subject to many instances, doing the stump grinding process on your own may injure your safety and compromise your property.

Why should I avoid hiring amateur stump grinding service providers?

Unlicensed and unqualified stump grinding service provider may entail further damage and unnecessary costs to your property.

Stump grinding needs first rated equipment and a licensed team to do the job. Hiring a professional for stump grinding services secures licensed quality workmanship and optimum safety.

What questions should you ask your stump grinding specialists?

#1. What do I do with the sawdust?
#2. Is stump grinding dangerous?
#3. What are the benefits of using stump grinding?
#4. Are you licensed to carry out stump grinding services?
#5. Is the equipment you use up-to-date?
#6. Will stump grinding damage my backyard?

How do I know I need stump grinding services?

#1. When you have a tree stump randomly protruding on your backyard
#2. When you want a clean slate for a garden landscape
#3. When your children are at the risk of tripping over the stump
#4. When the tree stump poses a threat for the whole community

What other services does Treeswest offer?

#1. Tree removal
#2. Tree pruning
#3. Palm Removal/Pruning
#4. Mulch Supply and Delivery
#5. Powerline Clearance
#6. Emergency Storm Damage Services

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