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Are you in Perth and looking for certified and professional tree pruning specialists near you? We’re more than happy to assist you. We specialise in tree pruning services for both residential, commercial and industrial properties.

So what is tree pruning?

tree_pruning_perthTree pruning Perth is the discriminatory elimination of branches, twigs or stems for the benefit of a tree or the environment. The process may include cutting dead and damaged branches to prevent insects and parasites from attacking the tree.

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Why Tree Pruning is Essential

You may feel that your trees are just great at spreading their branches without any effect; however, there's so much danger lurking from those branches. The first risk the branches pose to your household is breaking and falling onto your property or injuring your family, pet or livestock. When we eliminate the danger by pruning weak branches, we help keep you safe and save you expenses in repair costs and health costs.

How can tree pruning protect my property?

Trees help bring life, beauty and clean air. As time passes, the tree branches overgrow, some branches dry up, or others get diseased. This is where tree pruning comes in. With tree pruning, you’ll get to protect your property and the community by reducing the risk of potential damage attributable to storm and broken or weak branches.

Benefits of Tree Pruning

#1. Reduce potential property damage from falling branches
#2. Eliminate damaged, broken, dried and dead branches
#3. Pruning reduces stress on the tree and allows new branch growth.
#4. Tree pruning Perth improves tree health and sets up a long growth foundation.
#5. Professional pruning services help trees avoid contact with power lines.
#6. Tree pruning is essential in landscaping to give the tree a more aesthetic, and polished look.

Does pruning trees encourage growth?

Yes, it does. Below we have listed the three main types of pruning. Regardless of your needs, we would be happy to offer you the best tree pruning services..

Reduce Density- If you need to let the sunlight through we can help remove the limbs back to their original branch.

Tree Lopping- we do size management when we intend to reduce the size( height or width) of a tree.

Health Maintenance - is mainly used to revive a tree with diseased, dead or damaged branches.

How Do You Know A Tree Needs Tree Pruning?

Pruning is vital for a tree's healthy growth, but how do you know that tree is ready for pruning?

#1. When branches start growing on top or too close to powerlines
#2. When you have got lots of broken branches
#3. If there there are misshapen tree
#4. You notice dead or diseased limbs.
#5. A storm has damaged trees.
#6. There has been too much growth.
#7. There are cracks in the bark of the tree.
#8. You can see weak or crossing branches.

Why do you need a professional to prune your trees?

Handling pruning next to power lines can be fatal to an inexperienced tree care provider. More importantly, a professional tree pruning expert has the required skills and equipped with modern machinery to render the best tree pruning services. A professional is also a licensed and certified arborist capable enough to render insured services to protect your property and investments further.

What are the dangers of not hiring a professional tree pruning specialist?

Unprofessional tree pruning services may entail further damage to your property, unnecessary costs, and safety risks to you and your family. Not hiring a professional tree pruning expert can do more harm than good. You may be confronted with unlicensed and uncertified tree pruning services that compromise not only your property’s value but also that of the community’s.

What questions should I ask a tree pruning expert?

#1. Can I prune my tree on my own?
#2. Are you certified and licensed?
#3. Do you use up-to-date equipment and tools?
#4. Are you insured?
#5. How long have you been pruning trees?

What other services do you offer?

We provide:

#1. Tree removal
#2. Stump Grinding
#3. Palm Removal/Pruning
#4. Mulch Supply and Delivery
#5. Powerline Clearance

Areas We Cover: Perth Metropolitan Region, Stirling, Wanneroo, Joondalup, Swan, Rockingham, Gosnells, Cockburn, Melville, Canning, Armadale, Bayswater, Kalamunda, South Perth, Belmont, Kwinana, Mundaring, Victoria Park, Vincent

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