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How Much Does Palm Tree Removal Cost In Perth

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How Much Does Palm Tree Removal Cost? [Perth 2021 Prices]

As with any type of tree removal, palm tree removal depends on a range of factors including the size of the tree, site access, and overall job complexity. 

In general, palm removal takes between 2 to 3 hours, and costs up to $2,500 for a large palm. For a smaller palm with easy site access, you can pay as little as $200. Read on to discover how much your next tree removal service will cost (and how to find Perth’s best palm removal prices).

Palm trees help add style and beauty to your Perth backyard, but they can become a headache. 

Whether dropping heavy palm fronds, becoming diseased, or standing in the way of a home improvement project, there comes a time when you’ll want to remove your palms.

But that’s another headache in waiting.

Palm removal is a challenge due to the weight and density of the wood, spiky exteriors, razor sharp tips, and deep roots. As palms can grow anywhere from 1 metre to 60 metre, knowing how to remove your unwanted trees is about protecting your property AND your budget.

Although there are a range of factors that will influence your quote, you can plan your costs around the following industry averages.

Tree Size

Average Removal Cost

Small (1-5 metres)

$150 to $400

Medium (5-8 metres)

$400 to $800

Large (8-12 metres)

$800 to $2500

How will I know I need to remove my palms?

The removal will come down to two factors:

- You want to update your yard’s look and feel
- Your tree is posing a safety risk

Palm trees became popular additions to Perth backyards in the 1970’s. But for modern Western Australian homes, a towering palm may not scream “contemporary landscape” and that’s why plenty of Perth residents are turning to professional palm tree removal. As a non-native tree, you may want to update your outdoor space with native plants and create a garden that’s more in keeping with your style.

The other primary reason to remove your palms comes down to safety. Palms can be messy, dropping heavy palm fronds and seeds on your home’s roof, clogging gutters, or putting your family and pets at risk.

Whether you want to take action to make your yard a little safer or look a little more modern, the next question is *how* you’ll remove your unwanted trees.

Are palm trees easy to remove?

Palm tree removal can be tricky as the trunks are typically quite dense. 

Adding to the challenges for the DIY tree removalist is the fact palm trees are quite fibrous because they belong to the category known as ‘monocots’. This means they grow grass-like blades, all of which have their own circulatory and respiratory system.

The result? A highly fibrous and moist body that is a nightmare to cut down, and just as tough to dispose of.

Once the bulk of your palm tree has been felled (assuming you haven’t blunted all of your chainsaw blades) you’ll need to solve the problem of stump removal. Again, as a monocot, the roots form into a mass of thick, fleshy root growth (spanning roughly 2 foot).

Even with a commercial stump grinder you’ll need to be careful to avoid blunting your blade on the strength of the stump.

Let’s face it, a weekend full of hard yakka (and dented blades) isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. Paying a Perth tree care company is a simple and stress-free solution, but you’ll want to avoid overpaying, so here are the key factors that will affect your palm removal price.

What factors affect the cost of palm tree removal?

Perth’s most popular palm is the Cocos Palm, accounting for roughly 50% of all palms planted. 

As a rough guide, Cocos Palms can be removed for:

- $200 (Small Palm - 1 to 5 metres)
- $350 (Medium Palm - 5 to 8 metres)
- $600 (Large Palm -  to 12 metres)

However, there are a handful of factors that will influence your palm tree removal cost. These include:

- Size of the tree
- Site accessibility
- Condition of the tree
- Complexity of the job

Let’s unpack how each of these features will affect your quote.

Size of the Tree

It’s easy to think a taller tree costs more to remove. Actually, it’s the thickness of the trunk that costs more. 

Trunk thickness tends to rise as trees become taller, so it appears you’re paying for the height, but as we mentioned, palm trunks are EXTREMELY tough, so the thicker the trunk, the more it will cost to safely cut down/to pieces. For smaller trees, a simple chainsaw may be appropriate. But for taller trees, your service providers may need more equipment.

TREESWEST TIP: Consider adding a stump grinding service or tree pruning to completely remove your unwanted palms. Contact our experienced arborist team for a competitive palm tree removal and stump grinding quote today.

Site Accessibility

The location of your unwanted palm trees will go towards increasing or decreasing your rate. If your palm is located in your front yard, close to the road, then your tree removalists will be able to bring their trucks as close as possible. In contrast, a tough-to-reach location in the corner of your yard, or on a slope, means the tree will need to be removed via manpower, which will cost more. 

Condition of the Tree

If your palm is diseased or dropping large palm fronds then you should expect this to impact the price. At the same time, healthier trees typically take longer to remove as their root systems are strongly attached to the ground and their trunks are in strong, resilient condition. In contrast, a tree that is dead or dying may be hollow or weakened, making removal easier.

Complexity of the Job

Some palm trees are easier to remove than others. For example, if your palm is in the middle of your backyard with ample space to cut and drop large fronds, the job will be quicker and cheaper. In contrast, if your palms overlook a swimming pool, garden shed, or needs to be felled to help with power line clearance, then your local arborists may need to block the tree piece by piece.

Looking for affordable palm removal in Perth?

Palm trees can be tough to remove thanks to their height, spiky barbs and even venom-coated tips. Throw in the risk of falling palm fronds and the potential damage to your home (not to mention your health) and hiring a Perth arborist is the easy and risk-free option.

At Treeswest our qualified and licensed arborists have over 15 years of experience removing trees safely and affordably. 

If you’re looking to transform your outdoor space and you want fast and reliable service, reach out and speak to a member of our team to organise your FREE tree care consultation and receive a custom quote.