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How Much Does Tree Pruning Cost In Perth?

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Let’s talk about tree pruning prices.

Trees are such a natural and beautiful part of the Western Australian environment that many homeowners tend to overlook their maintenance. Although regular pruning can keep your trees a healthy and safe part of your landscaping for many years, it’s not always possible to find time to maintain your yard.

Then again, you may not want the responsibility (or risk) of pruning the trees in your yard. If you’re dealing with 20 metre or 30 metre trees, then hiring a professional arborist can be a safer and more effective choice.

Although it may look like nothing more than a pair of industrial-sized scissors and a ‘can do’ attitude, tree pruning takes a careful and skilled hand to cut back foliage while maintaining the health of the tree and promoting crown health.

So if you’d rather spend your weekends relaxing or heading out to Scarborough Beach, it helps to know what a pro Perth tree pruning service will set you back (and how you can find the best deal). And to help you on your way, we’ve put together this ultimate guide to help you know what to expect when it comes to caring for your trees.

Is pruning the same as trimming or cutting back?

Not necessarily. 

While trimming is certainly part of pruning, the two have some key differences.

When you’re simply trimming a tree, you’re removing unwieldy branches and trying to give your tree a better, prettier shape. This usually addresses uneven growth that can occur naturally depending on location, shade, and access to water.

Pruning, on the other hand, takes this a step further. 

In addition to removing branches or limbs to create a nice shape, pruning also aims to improve the tree’s health. A professional will cut back any portions that look malnourished, diseased, or in the way of over limbs. This process can promote greater growth when done right, so you’re helping to keep your yard looking great for the long term.

What are the benefits of tree pruning?

If your trees seem to look identical month after month, it’s easy to wonder if those trees really need pruning at all. 

And the answer to that question is a resounding yes, even slow growing trees should be regularly pruned to promote health and remove damage or disease (which isn’t easy to spot with an untrained eye).

More than removing diseased limbs, the pruning process can offer many benefits to your landscaping and the health of your trees including:

✔ Removing dead and damaged branches

✔ Encouraging branch growth from pruned ones

✔ Creating a cleaner, more polished look

✔ Shaping the tree to complement a house or landscape

✔ Removing risk of accidents or damage from falling branches

✔ Increasing light and air penetration for plants under the tree

✔ Promoting overall health and longevity for the tree

To have beautiful, healthy trees, regular pruning is recommended. Diminishing excess weight from the trees can also keep a tree structurally steady and stable as a corrective and preventive measure from possible hazards, for example trees growing near power lines.

Our team of Perth arborists (and we speak for all earth-first companies) much prefer to preserve trees as much as possible before tree removal or stump grinding is considered. And with early professional diagnosis and tree pruning action, you can keep your beloved trees for longer.

How much does professional tree pruning cost in Perth?

A professional tree service will largely base the tree pruning cost on the size and species of the tree. 

In some cases, the difficulty of getting to and working within the area can also affect the price.

These factors come into play because of various equipment and manpower needed to do the job safely and properly. On average, tree pruning cost in Perth ranges from $300 to $1,500. 

As a reference, use the below table for average tree pruning costs based on tree height.

Tree Size by Height

Average Tree Pruning Cost

Shrubs (<2 meters)

$35 to $150

Small (6-9 metres)

$250 to $350

Medium (10-18 metres)

$350 to $500

Large (19-25 metres)

$600 to $1,000

Extra Large (25+ metres)

$800 to $2,000

For smaller trees or smaller jobs, the service can be charged per hour. The minimum charge in Perth is $35, but you’ll also have to consider the labourers' travel and setup time to prune and tidy up any debris.

How often should you prune your trees?

With these costs in mind, you might wonder how often you’ll need to pay for the service, after all, you don’t want to be shelling out money every couple of weeks.

Thankfully, tree pruning once a year is typically frequent enough to maintain the health of your tree, although a professional arborist may recommend a second pruning if they notice issues due to disease or other factors. 

It’s also helpful to know that pruning is a seasonal task that differs depending on the tree species. Usually, trees should be pruned at the end of their growth season or before they begin to grow and flower again. This can help them recover from pruning cuts while still giving them a healthy look throughout the year.

Looking for fast and affordable tree pruning?

Tree pruning is more than a cosmetic service, it’s a crucial service to bring new life to your favourite trees. 

Working with a professional arborist service ensures the right approach suited to the location and species of each tree. And if the damage is too severe, they can recommend an approach for safe tree removal. 

Tree pruning cost can vary depending on the size and needs of the trees in question.  On average, this can cost between $300 to $1,500 in Perth. For a price that’s tailored to your trees, you’ll want to request a quote from a professional tree service who’ll take into account your specific trees, property, and situation.

At Treeswest, we believe in providing accurate free quotes to help homeowners with their tree pruning and removal needs. Our team of licensed, trained, and qualified arborists will offer Australian Standards compliant tree care solutions that keep your trees healthy and your home safe (and can even help you with palm tree removal). 

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