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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost in Perth?

Why it's Important to Have Old Tree Stumps Removed
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When trees reach a certain height or expand too much horizontally, it can be time to get them removed. This can spruce up your garden as well as reduce risk of damage to a home or business. 

But this is often easier said than done: there can be many complexities involved, and it's also quite a dangerous business. 

While the cost of tree removal in Perth involves many factors, we’re going to break it down so that you have a good idea of where you stand and how much you should be paying. 

All things considered, you can expect to pay around $1,200 in Perth, on average. But due to the fact that averages can be misleading, you’ll want to examine the following criteria so yo have a clear position on pricing and quotation. 

What are the advantages of tree removal in Perth?

For one thing, a failing tree can be dangerous to have around the home where you have pets and children. The tree is also taking up quite a lot of nutrients that could be used for other plants. The bigger the tree, the more nutrients it will need. They also take all available sunlight from the smaller plants. Removing these trees will improve light and nutrients for other plants that need nourishment. 

Tree removal can also free up quite a lot of space for landscaping. It can result in a better view and more neatly maintained garden (trees over 40 metres tall belong in the wild, not in your back garden). Trees are also home to the most dangerous pests in Australia including termites. Termites can hop from a tree to your roof, and the cost of a structural repair can easily reach $10,000. 

Factors impacting the cost of tree removal in Perth

The number one factor in terms of the cost of tree removal in Perth would have to be the time taken for completion. While this is the overall variable, it is not the only one. You could also say that the overall job difficulty is the main factor, and this will influence the time taken to finish the removal.  

The other major factors impacting the cost of tree removal include those listed below. 

1. Tree Species

This is one of the prime components affecting cost. Certain tree species will be more dense, making them harder to cut. They might also have a greater number of branches, which will increase the complexity of the removal. Working with and around a lot of branches increases the danger for workers and will make climbing a lot slower. 

2. Tree Height

 The higher the tree, the more danger. It will take longer to cut, and there will be more waste to remove. Extra large trees will require special equipment for safe removal, and the cost will rise drastically. As it's also more of a hazard removing large trees, the cost will reflect this. 

3. Tree Condition

Some trees can be in very poor condition. This could be due to storm damage, lightning, termites, rot, or many more criteria. The end result is that the tree might not be climbable. It may require a cherry picker or a different approach in order to remove it.

4. Site Conditions

Aside from the tree itself, you will have to take the terrain and location into account. The tree might be in a hard to reach area, which can be a problem as you need to have all the machinery nearby. A steep slope can make the removal a lot more difficult. If the truck and woodchipper have to be located 20 metres or more away from the tree, it can increase the completion time. 

5. Other Factors

There are some other elements you’ll need to consider aside from the tree and the site. In summer and spring, you’ll be hard pressed to find tree services at the last minute. They’ll be too busy with an existing schedule, and if they do fit you in, you’ll likely be paying a premium. The time of year also affects the amount of leaves on the tree, which can make it more or less difficult. More leaves mean more weight and more difficulty in the cut. Weather will also play a role. Wind and rain can make the job more dangerous and can delay the completion time. 

Before you hire a tree service, take the above into account. And remember to balance the cost against the benefits of getting a nasty and tall tree removed from your property. It’s not going to remove itself. But it could lean dangerously against your property or come down during a storm, causing a lot of damage. 

Cost of tree removal in Perth

Obviously, the price of tree removal in Perth will depend on a lot of conditions. No removal is ever the same, and each case needs to be considered on its own unique merits. But you can get some average costs to give you an idea of what to expect. The following table should give you an indication of what you’ll be paying in line with tree sizes. 

Tree Category

Tree Size

Average Minimum

Average Maximum


5 - 6 metres




6 - 9 metres




9 - 25 metres



Extra Large

25 - 50 metres



You only pay more than $10,000 for an extremely difficult extra large tree that needs cranes and special equipment as well as potential traffic management and electricity shutdowns. For most residential tree services in Perth, you will pay around $500 - 5,000, with an average cost of ~$1,200 for the tree felling. But this is not inclusive of some of the associated expenses. 

What are the extra expenses involved in tree removal?

Aside from the felling of the tree, there will be other expenses involved. It does not include the stump. And this is not cheap, as they can be extremely difficult to remove. Make sure to clarify whether or not you need the stump removed. But tree stumps can be a nesting ground for termites and ants when they start to decay and are often best removed. You might pay between $100 - 750 for stump grinding and removal, far cheaper than termite mitigation later on. 

Waste disposal is not covered in tree services. There can be an enormous amount of waste left over from cutting one or a number of trees. Many customers will keep their leftover lumber as firewood. But there is still going to be a lot of waste to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly fashion. 

Depending on the tree type, local councils will require you to obtain a permit to remove the tree. Some permits cost a lot more than others, depending on the tree and your location. If the tree poses a risk, you are likely to get council approval rather quickly. 

What are the average tree removal costs by tree species?

Tree species is certainly one of the most dominant criteria in terms of the cost of removal. The tree species will play a large role in the tree height, timber density, foliage amount, and stump extraction difficulty. 

One of the most expensive trees to remove are eucalyptus trees, which can cost around $4,000 on average. In contrast, a silly oak tree will cost more in the region of $1,750 to remove. 

The table below gives a good indication of the costs per species. However, there can still be a lot of variance depending on the age of the tree. You can pay $2,500 for the removal of a small Norfolk Island Pine and $12,000 for one that is a 100-year-old monster.

Tree Species

Avg. Tree Height

Avg. Min Price

Avg. Max Price


15 - 40 metres




10 - 14 metres



London Plane

9 - 20 metres




9 - 12 metres




9 - 15 metres



Lilli Pilli

9 - 15 metres



Silly Oak

8 - 18 metres



Radiata Pine

10 - 20 metres



Norfolk Island Pine

15 - 50 metres



How can I reduce tree removal prices in Perth?

In many instances, there is little you can do to reduce the tree removal prices. The job itself can pose a lot of risk to workers who have to climb quite high in uncertain conditions. It requires heavy duty equipment such as wood chippers and saws. It takes time, consideration, and attention to detail to do it well. 

It’s not simply a matter of cutting down a tree and towing it away! Though it's not quite the same thing, the lumberjack industry has the highest death rate of all mainstream professions. Likewise, the removal is not something that can be rushed. And trying to do it yourself can be reckless and dangerous, even if you can access the tools. 

On the other hand, to get the best price for tree removal without cutting corners, here’s what you can do. First, book the service in autumn or winter where there is less foliage and the service providers are less busy. This is an easy and simple way to reduce costs. Second, find a reliable and professional service provider that quotes fairly. You want an all-in-one service that cuts the tree, removes the stump, and removes the waste. If you’re looking to reduce the price even further, consider using the wood as firewood or disposing of it yourself. 

To clarify, a good tree service (known as an arborist or tree surgeon) should possess the following qualities:

  • At least 10 years of experience
  • Licensed, registered, and insured
  • Family owned and locally operated
  • Offers complete tree care services
  • Offers emergency tree care

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