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How To Know If You Need Tree Lopping Or Pruning Services

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As responsible homeowners, assessing the condition of the trees in your property is important to ensure the not just your own safety, but also for your community. Without the right company however, to assist for the proper tree services you need such as lopping or pruning, your property could end up being worse than before. As such, our company at Treeswest has got you covered! We know exactly what it takes to offer our clients safe and efficient services for all their tree related needs. To know if you need tree lopping or pruning services, our team at Treeswest has provided a rundown for you. Read on to know more.

Tree lopping or pruning is the process which involves cutting off tree branches to reduce the size of the tree for a much safer environment. The same process is also viable for removing dead, damaged, and diseased branches to help prevent insect & decay organisms from entering the tree.

If you are planning to get tree lopping or pruning services, you first have to make sure that such services are following the regulations of your local council. Some companies actually include applying for permits to local councils as a complimentary service.

Another factor to consider in knowing if you need tree lopping or pruning is the presence of fungi or diseases on your tree. A diseased tree can brings pests or other insects to your property, and become structurally unsafe. If you notice that your tree is becoming more and more vulnerable to insect infestation and other sorts of fungi, call the best arborists near you and consider tree lopping or pruning. Not only does it give you a safer space, but it also eliminates insects and fungi build-up. 

Tree lopping or pruning is also advisable if your tree has visible cracks or has rotting inside. You will realize this if the growth of your tree is restricted, or the decaying matter continues to get worse. Such cracks make the inner parts of your tree hollow, thus resulting in unstable barks or branches that may be a safety hazard. In order to restore your tree’s growth, tree lopping or pruning is the best way to do it, especially if done properly.

If the tree in your property is interfering with power lines, then tree lopping or pruning should be done right away. More often than not, problems on power outage can be traced to having falling branches on power lines. In order to avoid this, you need to assess if your tree continues to grow and lean towards power lines in your community. It is then best to call trusted professionals for tree lopping or pruning. At Treeswest, we offer professional powerline clearance that is achieved by the right team and equipment. 

Our team at Treeswest strives for diverse and quality tree services in Perth. From tree removal, tree pruning, powerline clearance, all the way through stump grinding - we have it all for you! Not only that, we make sure that our tree lopping and pruning services are carried out by a team of licensed and highly-qualified arborists Perth has to offer. With our over 15 years of experience in the tree lopping or pruning industry, we know exactly what solutions are appropriate for your tree concerns.

What makes us stand out as a team of professional arborists is our dedication to supporting the concept of a sustainable environment through minimising pollution, and use of natural resources by implementing recycling initiatives, with regard to the protection of the environment. After all, we are committed to caring for your comfort and safety.

If you want to avail our tree lopping or pruning services today, call us on 📞 0407 511 639.