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The Cost of Tree Pruning & Removal in Perth, WA

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Trees provide you with all sorts of benefits, but you need to get them regularly maintained. Whether to keep their aesthetics or structural integrity, you’ll need the proper knowledge or an expert service to care for your tree. Do you own a tree that you would like to have pruned or completely removed? Read on to find the cost of maintaining your lawn in Perth.

How much is tree pruning?

The tree pruning and removal team will need to know the size and species of the tree and the difficulty of getting into and working in the area. It can get pretty costly as professionals need various equipment, manpower, and machinery. You can avail of it for as low as $250, but the range goes from $500 to $2,000, and even more. Below is the average range of tree pruning services costs in Perth.

Tree Size
Average Cost
$250 - $350
$350 - $500
$600 - $1,000
Extra Large
$800 - $2,000
$35 - $150

If the tree that needs to be pruned is smaller than average, the service can be charged per hour. The minimum charge for tree pruning in Perth is about $35, but you will also have to consider the labourers' travel and set-up time and the duration of removal and tidying up of removed branches, which needs to be compensated as well.

You can get a free tree care consultation on our website, or you can call us at 0407 511 639 to get a quick quote on our tree pruning services.

What are the benefits of tree pruning?

Although it can be costly to hire tree pruning services, you can harbour a lot of gains from pruning your tree such as:

• Bidding goodbye to dead and damaged branches
• New branch growth from pruned ones
• Cleaner, more polished look, and improved form for the tree
• Avoidance of accidents and home damages from falling branches
• An increase of light and air penetration for the plants underneath the tree
• Ultimately, a healthier state for the tree

To have beautiful, healthy trees, regular pruning must be done. Diminishing excess weight from the trees can also keep a tree structurally steady and stable as a corrective and preventive measure from possible hazards. Arborists often prefer to preserve the trees as much as possible before considering cutting them down. That is why early professional diagnosis and action is important along with regular maintenance.

Can I do tree pruning myself to save on costs?

It is not only essential to have the trees merely pruned but to do it correctly. If done so, it can boost flower production of the trees and optimise fruit yields. However, if done mistakenly and excessively, the trees can be crowded by pests that can lead to rotting and sequentially death of the plant. The cost of hiring a tree pruning service might be a bit expensive, but it guarantees the best growth and survival of your tree moving forward.

How often do you need to do tree pruning?

Now that you know that regular pruning is needed, the next thing you may ask is how often it should be done. Pruning is done at specific times of the year, but it still depends on the species of the plants. Usually, trees that flower during spring are pruned after the blooming cycle and towards the middle of summer. On the other hand, those that flower during spring are pruned during winter or spring.

How much is tree removal?

Tree removal fees greatly depend on different factors and can be expensive, but it is better to get things remedied than patching things up at the last minute.

For an estimate, tree removal in Perth ranges between $300 to $4,350. Just like pruning, it depends on the size and species of the tree, access to the area of tree removal, and whether it will be cut in spring or winter.

You should be cautious of deteriorating trees in your landscape as it is dangerous for other trees, as well as for other structures near it. If pests like termites are the cause of the decay, they can also infest your backyard and give you more discomfort. These unhealthy trees can also compete with the healthy ones when it comes to sunlight and nutrition, and might affect the general population of trees near you. In these cases, tree removal might be the best solution for your property.

Having an important event soon in your backyard? Get a free quote here from Treeswest's reliable tree cutters and removal team. You would now have an idea of how much it would cost given the species, size, and state of your tree.

What factors affect the tree removal cost?

The cost of tree removal depends on the circumstances that could affect the removal process. Factors like the tree's current condition, location, and season play into the quote that we give our customers. Specifically, these are the variables that qualified arborists use to calculate the tree removal costs:

• The tree's size, species, and condition
• Location of the removal site
• Extra expenses such as council fees for permits and arborist’s report

Based on a tree's height, the costs are:

Tree Height
Average Cost
10 meters and below
$300 - $3,000
10-20 meters
$500 - $4,000
Above 20 meters
$1,200 - $20,000 depending on the usage of machinery like a crane, management of traffic flow, and electricity shutdowns
Size is one of the main factors in assessing a tree removal cost. More than the climbing, the weight and dangers it poses are taken into account so it is also more laborious. There are more branches to cut, waste to dispose of, and stump to get rid of. It is both an immense challenge and risk for tree care specialists to deal with huge trees, and the opposite for the small ones.

The condition of the tree lets the professionals know just how sturdy or damaged the branches they will be dealing with are. If stability is at risk, more machinery may be needed to undertake the tree removal.

The site of removal also covers the level of safety and difficulty of tree removal. For hard to access areas, such as when the tree is on unstable terrain, expect the prices to go up. On the other hand, for locations that are free from obstructions and are far from possible residential damage, tree removal would be less costly.

Additional equipment and materials to keep the area clear can also add up to the cost. Extra manpower, increased safety lines, mechanical devices like work platforms, cherry pickers, and cranes, and possible electricity shutdowns are some of the things that can affect your bill. Although you can expect to spend more, remember that these are not only for the safety of the workers but also for the safety of your family.

For a removal project of a huge tree, permission from the local council is needed most of the time. For essential clearances and assistance from the council, necessary fees are required to be paid.

Electricity shutdown
$5,000 - $7,000
Submission of council fees
Arborist's Reports
• 1-5 Trees
• Per additional
$75 - $100
$20 - $25

Tree removal can get really complicated so bear that in mind when thinking about the costs of removal. To get accurate quotes, it is better to describe the tree and other factors that could affect its removal so that the arborists will have an idea of how to proceed with the removal of the trees.

For example, trees that directly affect your residence with overhanging branches might cost more than trees that are in the middle of the yard and pose no threats. These trees will still be inspected in person, so a detailed description would greatly help both parties to manage their expectations in the workload and the cost.

Make sure to get your quotes from professionals that are fully insured, and have years of experience in the field of tree care. With a proven track record, you do not have to worry about the outcome of the service. If you are within Perth, do not fret as Treeswest offers obligation-free quotes and finishes the job on time and within your budget.