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When Is the Perfect Time To Prune Your Trees?

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Our arborists often get asked this question: When is the perfect time to prune your trees? The answer to this question is not as direct as we’d like, so our Perth tree cutting experts have put together a simple guide to answer this popular question.

When Should You Prune?

The best time to prune your trees depends on the reasons why you want to do it and the tree’s requirements. Some trees need pruning to support new growth or reduce it, and some to achieve a better shape, while other trees need pruning to improve the tree health and ensure its safety.


Read on to find out when you should prune your trees.

Stimulate New Growth

If the main reason for pruning is to stimulate new growth, winter and very early spring are the best times to do the pruning. The more pruning you do during this period, the more it will flourish in spring. This is also the best time to improve its shape.

Limit Growth

If you want to limit the growth of the tree, you will need to prune it during summer. That’s because after summer, new growth will be significantly less vigorous, and the amount of pruning to be done during winter will be reduced.


However, keep in mind that you should only prune back dead, damaged or diseased branches because over-pruning during summer months can make your tree vulnerable to sun damage.

Maximise Flowering

To maximise flowering on your ornamental tree, pruning should be performed after the tree’s flowers have faded and the petals have started to drop. You should prune your flowering tree in its first few years to improve the flowering ability and shape, as it’s considered to be important for initial shaping of the tree.

Keep It Healthy


Most trees lose their leaves in autumn and are dormant during winter months. During this period, they are less susceptible to insects and disease. That’s because when they are dormant, the sap flow is reduced, which means they attract fewer insect infestations, bacteria, and mould.


What’s more, due to not producing new leaves in the colder months, trees heal much faster. So by the time spring arrives, your tree will be healthy again.

Improve Safety

While there may be specific times that are better for pruning, any tree that is unsafe for the surrounding environment, it should be pruned or removed as soon as a specialist has identified it as hazardous.

Some signs of unsafe trees can include trees with insect infestations, fungal infections, cracks, and rot. An arborist should be called right away if you notice any of these signs.

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