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Why it's Important to Have Old Tree Stumps Removed

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Unwanted tree stumps are eyesores. Not only do they destroy the aesthetic beauty of your lawn but keeping them around also poses some risks for you, your family, your garden, and even your home. If you’re still wondering whether to keep that stubborn stump around, here are good reasons why it’s important to have old tree stumps removed.

#1 - They increase the risk of fall or trip accidents

            Tree stumps increase the risk of trip or fall accidents to members of your family. This is especially true if you have young kids who love to run around and play in your yard, or if you have elders with poor eyesight that might not see the stump that’s blocking their way. Tree stumps can cause them to trip or fall which can lead to costly and time-consuming recovery time for your loved ones.

#2 - They become home to pests

Dead and hollow stumps enter a very slow decaying process which allows them to become home to pests such as carpenter ants and termites. Once infected, these pests may creep up to your garden and cause disease to your other garden plants.

Even worse, wooden parts of your house may get structural damage from these wood-loving pests. The real problem with these pests is that it takes a while before you realize the amount of damage they can incur. Before you know it, you’ve lost a good part of your flooring from termites and you are due an expensive repair and remodel.

#3 - They decrease manoeuvrability in your lawn

Wherever they may be located, tree stumps make it difficult to manoeuvre in your lawn. The stump and its roots can damage your lawnmower when you accidentally move over the tree stump. Aside from lawnmowers, they can also get in the way of your other gardening or lawn activities.

#4 - They can cause structural damage

            Depending on your stump’s condition, it may decay or continue to grow even without the rest of the tree. The stump’s roots may grow deeper and, depending on their location, may damage your property at a deeper level. They can cause breakage in your water pipes which may contaminate your home’s water supply.

Worse, they can also damage your house’s foundation. If you have a live tree stump that’s near the edges of your house, its roots could possibly grow around your foundation and destabilize it. Not only would this lead to very costly repairs, but it can negatively affect the safety of your home.

#5 - They can destroy your garden

            When tree stumps are decaying, they invite fungi and pests that can damage your garden. On the one hand, if the tree stump is alive, it will leech off of the nutrition from your soil that could have gone to your other plants.

This will make your garden plants grow weaker and frailer which may lead to them not flowering or fruiting properly. This can also cause your plants to wither away as they lose the competition for nutrients. In this case, a tree stump removal can save your other garden plants.

#6 - They decrease the aesthetics of your property

            A simple tree stump whether decaying or not simply eats too much space and makes your lawn look unsightly. The space you give that stump could have been used for another garden bed or some outdoor table or instalments for recreation and relaxation. Stumps will also get in the way of any renovation projects you might be thinking of doing. It’s better to get rid of tree stumps ASAP.

Convinced that you need to hire licensed professionals to have that stump removed? If you live in Perth, Treeswest works with a team of professional and experienced arborists who can suggest the best course of action regarding anything tree. Visit our website for free obligation-free quotes  or call us at 0407 511 639 for more information.