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Tree Services In Perth

Is your Perth backyard at risk of falling tree branches? Are you looking to prune your favourite tree and encourage stunning crown growth? Or, do you need help removing trees to support an upcoming home improvement project?

Whatever your tree servicing needs, we’ve got the skills and experience to help.

As tree lovers, we understand that tree removal is a last resort. Our range of services are designed to help promote healthy, stunning trees that complement your outdoor space and upgrade your lifestyle.

Our services include:

- Tree Removal

- Tree Pruning

- Palm Removal/Pruning

- Stump Grinding

- Mulch Supply & Delivery

- Powerline Clearance

- Emergency Storm Damage Help

Treeswest are proud to provide leading tree care and arboreal services to homes and businesses to support healthy and safe environments. Our fully insured, trained and licensed arborists offer a range of tree services - and we’re excited to help with your tree care needs.

For leading tree services, reach out and contact us today on 0407 511 639 or click here to request your fast and FREE quote online.

They can advise on what trees need pruning, what needs to be added, and what should be taken away.

You need to remove a tree when the tree is damaged in a storm or its roots are posing a threat to your home or driveway. 

Tree pruning is the discriminatory elimination of branches, twigs or stems for the benefit of a tree or the environment. 

When your palms start to outgrow your space, or drop brown, dead palm fronds into your yard, it’s time to pick up the phone and call us. 

It’s great to remove trees that are posing a risk to your home, or standing in the way of an outdoor project - but being left with an unsightly tree stump is just as much of a challenge.

Mulching is part of tree care. It does not only provide nutrients, it also improves your garden soil and increases curb appeal. 

This is basically the process of clearing out plants or trees which entails safety risks to the community. It is your responsibility as a landowner to clear your own service cable.

No matter how resilient trees are, there will be instances that such trees will yield to forces of nature such as storms or rainfall. This may lead to destruction of properties.

Do I Need Tree Care Services?

It’s easy to assume your trees can take care of themselves, after all, they managed to survive this long, right?

But regular tree care and maintenance helps enhance tree growth and encourages the production of flowers & fruits that make your backyard a welcoming space all-year round - the same way humans organise regular check-ups at the doctor, or your car requires regular servicing at the mechanic.

Professional tree care also allows you to keep your property safe and secure as unattended or diseased trees lead to large, dead, and broken branches that can fall without warning - potentially harming you, your family, your vehicles or home.

At Treeswest we appreciate the significant role trees play in our lives and offer experienced arborist services to support your trees at each stage of their life. We also understand that trees have a natural lifespan, and may need removing when they’re no longer adding to your yard, with safe and prompt tree felling our specialty.

10 Signs You Need to Call for Tree Care Services

While trees grow in the bushland without professional help, trees on your property need a little more attention to ensure optimal health and maximum beauty.

You’ll know your trees need maintenance, pruning or removal if you recognise any of the following signs.

✔️ Weak, diseased or broken branches

✔️ An increase in fallen limbs in your yard

✔️ Large crown impacting your home or nearby power lines

✔️ Components of your trees are weak and get damaged easily

✔️ Thick canopy blocking sunlight in your yard

✔️ Tree is in the way of development projects

✔️ Significant storm-damage

✔️ Crowding is leading to unhealthy trees

✔️ Cracks in the trunk

✔️ Misshapen tree branches or deformities

How to Find the Best Tree Care Service Provider in Perth?

Finding the best tree care service provider isn’t as easy as jumping on Google and picking the first name you see.

Ranking on Google is great, but you need to know if the experts working on your home have labelled themselves “tree care experts” or if they’re trained, licensed and experienced arborists.

Consider asking the following questions:

- “Are you insured and licensed?”

- “Are you a qualified arborist?”

- “Do you offer upfront pricing?”

- “Do you provide free-onsite quotes?”

- “Can you show your client's testimonials?”

- “Are you a local tree care service provider?”

- “Can you assure us that you will finish the project on time and within the agreed budget?”

- “Are you using protective equipment and the right tools for tree removal or pruning?”

- “How long have you been in the industry?”

And if you’re ready for a fast and FREE quote, call 0407 511 639 or fill out our online request form to discover more.

What Are the Benefits of Tree Care Services?

Your trees need attention, care and maintenance to ensure optimal health as well as to protect your home and family.

Across our range of tree services, we support Perth homeowners and businesses who need fast, reliable and cost-effective support. Below you’ll find some of the advantages that come with a Treeswest service.

#1. Regular tree care...keeps your trees healthy and promotes crown growth

#2. Regular tree care...adds beauty to your home and value to your property

#3. Regular tree care...enhances the overall appearance of your yard

#4. Regular tree care...keeps your trees away from insects and other organisms

#5. Regular tree care...protects your property from falling limbs and damage

How Much Will It Cost to Remove a Tree from My Perth Yard?

The cost of tree removal will depend on your property's location and the size of the tree.

If the area is easy to access, the average price range is between $250 and $4,300. This is obviously a large range, so at Treeswest we offer free tree care consultation to help you find the best price in Perth.

We’re experts across safe tree removal, stump removal and stump grinding, so whether you need to fell a tree that’s becoming a danger, or you need to clear space in your yard for a home improvement project, we can help.

If you're looking for cost-effective tree care services, let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions about tree services in Perth

Does Treeswest offer expert advice?

Yes. We offer expert advice to guide you through your decision-making process. Whether you hire our team or not, we’re always happy to help you make the best decision for your trees, your yard, and your budget.

Do you offer tree care services in Mandurah?

Yes. We service the entire Perth Metro area from Yanchep to Mandurah.

Do you use state of the art equipment for tree care?

Yes. We use the latest arboreal tools for tree care to ensure optimal tree health and safe tree removal. We also utilise the best machinery, designed to trim, cut and remove trees quickly & easily.

Does Treeswest offer a free consultation?

Yes. We offer free-consultation regardless of the size of your project. Give us a call on 📞 0407 511 639 if you'd like to speak to one of our tree care experts.

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