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Professional Palm Tree Removal

From palm tree pruning to safe and affordable palm tree removal, we’re #1 team for all your palm problems. Whether you’ve got a towering 18 metre tree that needs a little haircut, or a sturdy and mature palm that needs moving to make way for an exciting landscaping project, Treeswest has the team, the tools and the talent to make your life easier.

You live in Perth, so you already know what it’s like to enjoy gorgeous weather and Australia’s best beaches (Sorry Sydney), and if you’re a homeowner with palm trees on your property then you’ve also got your own stunning canopy and relaxed outdoor vibe to enjoy too.

But when your palms start to outgrow your space, or drop brown, dead palm fronds into your yard, it’s time to pick up the phone and make the call to Treeswest. We specialise in the pruning and safe removal of all Australian palm species, including the Cocos Palm and Cotton Palm, two of the most popular species in Western Australia.

Because anyone can appreciate Palm Trees, however, removing or pruning them requires skilled expertise. At Treeswest, we are specialised in all forms of palm removal and pruning with the best tools, plus licensed and insured tree care experts, ready to help 24/7.

What is palm tree removal?

It is exactly what it sounds like - taking your unwanted or unhealthy palms and removing them from your property. A professional palm service may include removing the stump via grinding (though this is an optional extra). At Treeswest we understand that you want your yard reshaped and reset with minimal fuss, so we include debris clean-up and transportation off-site as part of our palm tree service.

How much does it cost in Perth?

Australian palm trees may give off a relaxed, beachfront vibe, but they’re also extremely difficult to remove.

While the size of palm trees poses an obvious challenge (with some species reaching 20 metres in height), palms also have deep roots and a spiky bark that practically says “don’t touch me”. Throw in a dense and heavy trunk and palm tree removal becomes a niche skill.

While experts will charge for their expertise, that doesn’t mean you need to take out a second mortgage on your house to rid yourself of dead, dying or unwanted palms.

Check out the table below for a rough estimate of removal costs for the most common palm species found in Australia.

Palm Species Palm Species
Cocos Palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana) $250 to $750
Cotton Palm (Washingtonia filifera) $600 to $1,200
Canary Island Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis) $1,200 to $2,400
Australian Cabbage Palm (Sabal palmetto) $500 to $900
Alexandra Palm (Archontophoenix alexandrae) $150 to $300
Golden Cane Palm (Dypsis lutescens) $200 to $750

PLEASE NOTE: These figures are averages only. The height, location and accessibility of your palm will impact your final cost. For accurate prices, contact our customer support team today.

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How long does palm tree removal take?

Whether you’re dealing with an overly diseased or damaged tree, or you’re looking to clear your yard before a landscaping project, there comes a time when palm trees have got to go.

But you don’t want arborists working in your yard forever (even if they are reliable, friendly and professional like the Treeswest team), so it’s nice to have a timeline for your palm tree removal.

On average, this service takes between 2 and 3 hours.

But since your home isn’t average, this figure may vary depending on the size of your palm, the accessibility of the site, and the equipment needed to facilitate a safe removal. This service includes:

- Onsite safety assessment

- Tree climbing (with climbing spikes)

- Canopy reduction (with chainsaw)

- Trunk removal (in segments)

- Debris removal (palm trees are typically too dense to be mulched onsite)

- Stump grinding (if required)

At Treeswest we make sure each step of this process is undertaken with care and attention to detail to ensure a safe removal, but we’re happy to explain how long each step is likely to take once we learn a little about your palm tree and your property.

Tree Size by Height Average Tree Pruning Cost
Shrubs (<2 meters) $35 to $150
Small (6-9 metres) $250 to $350
Medium (10-18 metres) $350 to $500
Large (19-25 metres) $600 to $1,000
Extra Large (25+ metres) $800 to $2,000

Still unsure about price? Click here to read our latest guide - ‘How Much Does Tree Pruning Cost [2022]’

6 benefits of palm tree pruning in Perth

#1. Stimulates growth and encourages healthy trees

#2. Prevents palm tree decay and stops disease from spreading

#3. Improves palm tree health and lets you enjoy your yard for longer

#4. Lessens the risk of damage from falling fronds and debris (ouch)

#5. Improves the aesthetics of your property for your enjoyment

#6. Helps prevent trees from coming into contact with power lines

WARNING: Ask these questions before hiring a palm tree service

Google is full of “tree experts” with flashy websites, but are they licensed, trained and registered arborists with palm tree experience?

To help you separate the unlicensed cowboys from the industry professionals, be sure to ask the following questions.

#1. “Do you offer insurance?” - You never want something to go wrong, but if it does it’s nice to know you’re protected.

#2. “How many years have you been in the business?” - Anything less than 10 and you may be dealing with an inexperienced team. At Treeswest we have 15 years helping homeowners beautify and remove their palms.

#3. “Do you use up-to-date equipment?” - Anyone can rent a chainsaw and start offering ‘Tree Removal Services’ on Facebook or Google. Our equipment consists of the latest in tree pruning, lopping, mulching and stump grinding for a fast and professional service.

#4. “Do you offer free palm removal quotes?” - If there’s no free quote (preferably an on-site assessment), you should look elsewhere. We’re happy to provide quotes, advice and support via our dedicated customer support team.

#5. “Are you certified and licensed?” - If you’re not speaking with licensed, insured and qualified arborists, find someone else to speak to.

If you have Palm trees in your residential or commercial property and are looking for insured, licensed and trustworthy palm tree pruning or removal experts, call us on 📞 0407 511 639.

Frequently Asked Questions About Palm Tree Removal in Perth

How do I know I need palm tree removal or pruning services?

At Treeswest we have years of experience to diagnose your palm tree’s health problems and recommend the best course of action. We’re a ‘trees first’ company so we’ll look at every possible way to protect your tree with skilled and stylish pruning to maintain your tree’s shape and size.

At the same time, palm trees do have a natural lifespan and if we spot any of the following warning signs, we’ll chat to you about your options and help you decide if removal is necessary.

✘ Discoloured palm fronds or limbs (usually brown)

✘ Obvious presence of pests & insects

✘ Leaning palm fronds near power lines

✘ Overgrown roots threatening your home

✘ Diseased palm tree leaves or fronds

We understand that there’s often a blurred line between palms that are healthy, palms that need a little TLC, and palms that pose a safety risk. To help you find the answers you need, pick up the phone and call 0407 511 639 for a fast and FREE quote, or to organise your own palm tree health check (at zero cost).

How often should palms be pruned?

Your palms require an annual pruning service. This is to keep up with the growth rate of new palm fronds, and the dying of old palm fronds. The amount of fronds you trim will also impact your timeline. The more fronds you remove, the longer you can wait until your next pruning.

Can I remove or prune my own palm trees?

As beautiful as palms are, they’re equally dangerous to remove. The most common palm species in Perth include the Cocos Palm (growing to an average of 12 metres) and the Cotton Palm (growing to an average of 18 metres).

Both of these common palm species present significant logistical challenges, with the size and weight of palm trunks and fronds able to damage gutters, smash windows, dent vehicles and put you in the emergency room.

On top of these challenges, pruning or removing a palm tree near power lines is a recipe for disaster for an inexperienced and amateur tree pruner.

At Treeswest we bring a team of trained arborists with years of experience pruning and removing Coco, Cotton and all palm species across Perth. You can relax knowing our modern machinery and licensed professionals will protect your home and yard no matter the size of your palm trees.

Interested in more Treeswest services in Perth?

Treeswest offers professional tree care and arborist services across whole town. Our licensed, insured and qualified arborists deliver leading services for all your outdoor needs. Explore our range of services below.

#1. Tree removal

#2. Tree pruning

#3. Stump Grinding

#4. Mulch Supply and Delivery

#5. Powerline Clearance

#6. Emergency Storm Damage Services

Looking for reliable and affordable palm tree services near you? Give us a call today on 📞 0407 511 639.

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