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Professional Power line Clearance

Are you looking for a fast, safe, professional, trained and most experienced team who can perform power line clearance in Perth and surrounds? We’re more than happy to help.

powerline_clearance_perthIf your trees are close to power lines, please do not attempt to cut or trim them down on your own. Not only you are putting yourself at serious risk of harm, but also your family, the passersby and the properties next to yours! With the right team and equipment, trees that are close to power lines can be trimmed quickly, efficiently and safely.

Treeswest have over 15 years of experience. We have the best and fully qualified arborist, ready to help you anywhere you are in Perth.

What is power line clearance?

This is basically the process of clearing out plants or trees which entails safety risks to the community. It is your responsibility as a landowner to clear your own service cable. Not only that, clearing your own power line requires various notices and issuances that need to be accomplished.

Why do I need powerline clearance?

There is a need for power line clearance in order to ensure not just your safety, but also the safety of the community. Having a safe power line results in a much safer community and less damage to property. Also, this service is in accordance with the law and other legal requirements required of you as a landowner.

Why do I need to hire an expert?

A professional power line expert can help you with legal discussions on how to apply for a proper power line clearance. Clearing requirements and the extent of pruning will be addressed in a professional manner. You will be guided accordingly and with ease of mind. Moreover, professional clearance experts are capable of offering insured services that can give you security and peace of mind in case something bad happens.

What questions do I need to ask the experts?

#1. What are the clearance requirements for my trees?
#2. What safety precautions should I take?
#3. How many years are you in the industry?
#4. Are you licensed and certified?
#5. To what extent should I cut my tree for power line clearance?

Benefits of Hiring Experts

✔️ Avoid accidents and injuries
✔️ Experienced and trained arborists can carry out the job efficiently and quickly
✔️ Professional arborists use the right tools and equipment.
✔️ Qualified arborists clean up the area and remove debris.
✔️ Saves you time and money
✔️ Get the job done right the first time
✔️ Dealing with qualified and insured arborists gives you peace of mind knowing that your trees and property are handled with extra care.

What other services do you provide?

We also offer services like Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, Palm Removal / Pruning, Mulch Supply And Delivery, Corporate and Accounts, & Stump Grinding.

Areas We Cover: Perth Metropolitan Region, Stirling, Wanneroo, Joondalup, Swan, Rockingham, Gosnells, Cockburn, Melville, Canning, Armadale, Bayswater, Kalamunda, South Perth, Belmont, Kwinana, Mundaring, Victoria Park, Vincent

If you’re in Perth and looking for the most trusted and reliab team near you, give us a call on 📞0407 511 639. We can help you with your requirements.

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