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tree_removal_perthAt Treeswest we understand that nothing matters more than protecting your family, your home, and the ecosystem in your yard. While we’re a green company that does everything possible to promote tree health, there comes a time when tree removal is necessary.

Looking to remove a tree in your yard but overwhelmed by the number of specialists on Google?

We get it.

Every man and his dog is offering to haul down your unwanted tree, but it’s crucial you choose the best service Perth has to offer.

As far as home improvement projects go, this type of service doesn’t get the same attention as renovations or remodelling jobs. But choose the wrong expert and you’ll quickly realise that felling trees is far more complex than it looks.

✓ Fully insured ✓ Family owned and operated ✓ 100% obligation-free quotes ✓ 15+ years of experience ✓ Trained, licensed and qualified arborists ✓ Expertise in all types of trees

Our skilled, licensed, qualified and insured tree surgeons undergo rigorous training to ensure your tree is taken care of swiftly, safely, and undertaken with the same attention to detail as we would with our own backyard.

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Why Treeswest is the #1 choice for safe tree service

Removing the trees is a high-risk job, and if you need a large tree removed from your property immediately - the wisest decision you can make is to find a licensed, insured, skilled and experienced team near you.

Treeswest can undertake large projects on any property in from Yanchep to Mandurah, with fully qualified arborists and tree climbers to ensure the safety and quality of work at the highest standard, every single time.

Our arborists are excellent at the clearing of greenery and help organise stump and rubbish removal, so you spend less time working *in* your yard and more time enjoying it.

Quality service, speed and security are more than buzzwords to us, they’re our priority whether we’re tackling a small 5 metre Bradford Pear or a towering 30 metre palm tree. With access to a diverse range of state-of-the-art machinery and tools, we’ve got the power and the people to get rid of large trees faster and safer than anyone else.

6 benefits of hiring professional arborists

#1. Cost-effective, hassle-free and fast without cutting corners

#2. Saves you time and money (that you can spend elsewhere)

#3. Peace of mind dealing with a trained, licensed and insured team

#4. High-quality service that you can rely on when you need it

#5. Experts get the job done so you don’t put yourself at risk #6. Great value for money means you keep cash in your pocket

Need a tree removed from your property immediately? Call our experts on 0407 511 639 for a fast FREE quote.

How much does this service cost in Perth?

Looking to remove unwanted trees in your yard?

The average quote for removing a tree will vary based on size and tends to fall between $300 and $3,000.

While averages can help you figure out your rough budget, it’s best to speak to your local arborist for exact quotes tailored to your tree’s size, location and species.

If you’d like to learn more about the price in Perth’s suburbs, we’ve created #1 guide to removal costs.


- The costs by size (10m, 10m to 20m, and 20m+)

- The cost of council fees

- The factors influencing prices in Perth

BONUS: Tips to help you keep more money in your pocket (and fewer trees in your backyard).

Click here for our free ‘Tree Removal Price Guide’

How do you decide when tree removal is necessary?

Trees are essential, but when your trees start to do more harm than good, it’s time to pick up the phone and give us a call.

When pruning, trimming and general maintenance are no longer viable options, you’ll need to consider removal. To help you understand when it’s time to clear your yard of unwanted trees, here are the most common signs to watch out for.

✘ Too much shade: Trees provide natural protection from year-round sunlight, but overgrown branches and canopies can plunger your yard into darkness. Not only can this affect your outdoor lifestyle, but the lack of sunlight can become detrimental to other plants.

✘ Diseased or dying branches: Trees have a natural lifespan, and dead/dying trees will become weaker and more brittle over time. Without expert help, these dead trees become safety hazards that place people, pets, cars and property at risk.

✘ Home improvement needs: Looking to upgrade your home or start a landscaping project? Trees may need to be removed to accommodate construction projects. Whether you want to plant a new garden, extend your patio, or renovate your home, we can help make room.

✘ Storm damage: If heavy rain or strong winds have weakened your trees then you may need to consider removing them. Watch out for signs of damage to the trunk, for example, cracks, or sagging branches.

✘ Dead trees: There’s no bringing back a tree that’s reached the end of its lifespan, and leaving a dead tree on your property poses a significant risk in the form of falling branches and debris. If you’re dealing with dead trees, reach out and request a quote.

✘ Crowding: Trees in restricted spaces can press against the walls of your home, damage windows, or impact the structure of your property. Trees may also take nutrients from surrounding plants, making it crucial you control the spacing of trees in your yard.

How long does it take to remove a tree?

This depends on the tree.

The size of your unwanted tree(s) will be the primary factor affecting time. Naturally, larger, mature trees take longer to safely remove than smaller, still-growing trees. As well as size, your arborists will consider the tree’s location (e.g. is it near your home? Is it near power lines? Can tree lopping machinery be easily positioned nearby?), as well as its health, as sturdier trees are typically tougher to remove than dead and brittle trees.

Although it may be tempting to tie a chain around your bumper bar and hit accelerate, this is more likely to break your bumper than your tree.

Professional tree surgeons will eliminate branches and boughs before cutting the trunk. Depending on your team's expertise, it takes a couple of hours to half a day to take down a tree.

Can I opt for DIY tree removal?

While trees in nature are able to take care of themselves, trees in your backyard require help from humans.

It’s tempting to go down the DIY path and take an axe to your unwanted trees, especially if they’re under 10 metres and feel like a manageable weekend project, but there are many risks that come with amateur removal.

Not only can you end up on the wrong side of your local council, but there are plenty of possible landmines to step on by tackling the project yourself.

✘ Trees may grow again if roots aren’t removed

✘ The removal without expert help may put you in harm’s way

✘ Tree stumps left behind to create an eyesore and tripping hazard

✘ The removal can be hazardous and cause extensive property damage

It may even be tempting to leave trees in your yard, especially if they’re dying and you feel they may come down easier. However, a dead or hollow tree will slowly lose its strength and weak trees can't stand storms and strong winds. As the tree weakens, it becomes more hazardous to your property, surrounding people and structures.

If you’re dealing with unwanted trees, reach out to speak to a certified arborist on 0407 511 639 today.

Find out if removal is the right option for you

You love your trees, and it’s hard to make the call to remove them.

And at Treeswest, we agree with you! It’s best to promote the health and wellbeing of trees as much as possible - but that’s not always a reality.

To help you decide if the removal is necessary, test yourself against the following figures.

☐ Is 50% of your tree damaged? It needs to be removed

☐ Are 50% of your tree’s roots damaged? It needs to be removed

☐ Is your tree suffering from internal decay? It needs to be removed

☐ Are more than 25% of the branches damaged? It needs to be removed

☐ Is there insufficient space for healthy tree growth? It needs to be removed

☐ Is your tree leaning more than 15% from the vertical? It needs to be removed

If you’re nodding your head at any of the above figures, reach out and chat to a Treeswest arborist on 0407 511 639 to organise a free tree assessment and quote.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Removal in Perth

There's a tree hanging over my roof, should I remove it?

Not so fast.

While trees do pose a risk to your home through overhanging branches, falling limbs, and even debris that clogs your gutters and causes a fire hazard, the removal may not be necessary.

If the tree is too close to your house structure or hanging over your roof - you have two options.

Option #1 - Have it removed by a local and trusted arborist

Option #2 - Have it pruned regularly

It’s recommended you keep your house safe by maintaining at least 3 to 6 metres of distance between trees and your home. This will give your tree’s root system and crown the space they need to grow without damaging the structure of your home.

Can I remove trees on my own property?

In short, it depends.

Tree removal will depend on the council you live in, as well as the size of your tree and the species. It’s always a good idea to contact your local council (or call the Treeswest customer support line on 0407 511 639 for fast answers) to make sure you’re on the right side of the law.

Different councils will take into account factors like:

  • Trunk circumference
  • Tree species (some trees may be seen as weeds or invasive)
  • Distance from your property
  • Height of the tree

With maximum fines varying from $2,000 up to $50,000, it’s best to consult with a qualified arborist for legal removal that keeps you out of trouble.

Interested in more Treeswest services in Perth?

Treeswest offers professional tree care and arborist services across whole town. Our licensed, insured and qualified arborists deliver leading services for all your outdoor needs. Explore our range of services below.

#1. Stump Grinding

#2. Tree pruning

#3. Palm Removal/Pruning

#4. Mulch Supply and Delivery

#5. Powerline Clearance

#6. Emergency Storm Damage Services

Looking for the leading tree experts? Give us a call today on 📞 0407 511 639.

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